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StarJewel is back this season with MORE TITLES and MORE WAYS TO WIN!! Join us this holiday season for double the prizes and double the fun. 

$195 Entry Fee includes entry for divisional queen and all side awards!

Optionals and Supreme Titles are an additional fee. 

Admission Tickets for Guests: $15 each. Please note there are no admission tickets included with your fees.

To learn more about our rules, please CLICK HERE

Dates & Locations

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Des Moines, Iowa



Chicago, Illinois

OHIO - JANUARY 25, 2025

Maumee Indoor Theater in Maumee, Ohio

Age Divisions

  • Baby: (0-18 mo)

  • Tiny Princess: (19mo-3yrs)

  • Princess: (4-6)

  • Sweetheart: (7-9)

  • Pre Teen: (10-12) 

  • Jr Teen: (13-15)

  • Teen: (16-18)

  • Miss: (19-29)*

  • Ms: (30 - 44)*

  • Elegant Ms: (45+)*

    *married or unmarried


CLICK HERE to access the required paperwork for the event. The paperwork and talent music/talent entry (if applicable) link is emailed to all registered contestants. 
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Winter Gala Worksheet

(click to view)

3 ways to shine in one event! 

Required Events

  • Winter Wear

  • Formal Wear

  • On-stage Question

  • Community Service donation - 1 item minimum required 

    • Illinois for Family Service Agency (1 item minimum required) - Female participants in our Community Action Program and Senior Services would greatly benefit from a range of items, including undergarments, socks, hygiene products, feminine hygiene products, and makeup. 

    • Iowa & Nebraska for Ronald McDonald House (1 item minimum required) - Clorox wipes, Paper Towels, Hand soap, Bleach, Coffeemate coffee creamer cups, Single serving bags of chips, Single serving cookie/cracker packs, Single serving cereal boxes, Fruit cups, Mac and cheese cups, Cookie baking sheets, Shaving cream, Hairbrushes, Baby Shampoo, Newborn onesies 

    • Ohio for Good Grief (1 item minimum required) - Paper plates, Puff paints, Metallic markers, sharpies, fine point sharpies, letter stickers, jewel and gem stickers, post it notes of different colors and sizes, kinetic sand, colorful/pattern duct tape, heart and star shape paper mache boxes, modeling clay, letter beads, clear glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue sticks, white liquid glue, white lunch sacks, magazines for collaging

Optional Showcase

Optional contests give contestants the opportunity to receive even more awards, and to qualify for Supreme and Overall Titles! You must compete in at least two Optional events to qualify for a Supreme title. Optionals are $30 per entry. For a more detailed description of each optional,


  • Talent

  • Photogenic

  • Print Model

  • Runway

  • Casual Wear

  • Introduction

Side Awards

Side Awards are a series of "best of" mini-optionals that are judged during the required events. These are included in the entry fee. 

  • Eyes

  • Hair

  • Smile

  • Formal Wear

  • Personality

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Supreme Titles

  • Ultimate Grand Supreme - Overall

  • Grand Supreme - Overall

  • Beauty Supreme - ages 13+

  • Mini Beauty Supreme - ages 0-12

  • Personality Supreme - ages 13+

  • Mini Personality Supreme - ages 0-12

  • Winter Supreme - Overall


These titles can be double crowned:

  • Spokesmodel Supreme - ages 13+

  • Mini Spokesmodel Supreme - ages 0-12

  • Model Supreme - ages 13+

  • Mini Model Supreme - ages 0-12 

  • Photogenic Supreme - ages 13+

  • Mini Photogenic Supreme - ages 0-12

  • Talent Supreme - ages 13+

  • Mini Talent Supreme - ages 0-12

  • Cover Girl - Overall

  • Community Service Queen - Overall

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