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2014 Regional & National Competition Results


2014 Regional Competition

Sapphire Supreme Queen - Kiarra Anderson
Overall Talent - Ashley Horsley
Overall Top Model - Pat Miller
Overall Photogenic - Kaleigh Loughridge
Overall Sweetheart - Kristen Barnett
Overall Dance - Hima Katrapati
Overall Drama - Kiarra Anderson
Overall Voice - Ashley Horsley
Overall Video - Pat Miller
Overall Writing - Rosa Grippa
Little Miss Supreme Queen - Emma Moore
Little Miss Queen - Kristen Barnett
Little Miss Princess - Aria Black
Pre-Teen Supreme Queen - Kaleigh Loughridge
Pre-Teen Queen - Rosa Grippa
Jr. Teen Supreme Queen - Kiarra Anderson
Teen Supreme Queen - Kenzie Thoen
Teen Queen - Hima Katrapati
Miss Supreme Queen - Amber Miller
Ms. Supreme Queen - Ashley Horsley
Elegant Ms. Supreme Queen - Pat Miller
Perfect Ms. Supreme Queen - Holly Williams
Perfect Ms. Queen - Robin Gripp
Student Achievement - Kiarra Anderson
Adult Achievement - Pat Miller
Vision Award - Kiarra Anderson

2014 National Competition Results

Sapphire Supreme Queen - Kenzie Thoen

Mini Supreme Queen (ages 7-15) - Kiarra Anderson
Mini Supreme Queen (ages 16+) - Megan Hunt
Ultimate Tot - Haelee Smith
Ultimate Tot Boy - Carter Maccabee
Overall Talent - Kiarra Anderson
Overall Top Model - Emma Moore
Overall Photogenic - Kaleigh Loughridge
Springtime Supreme - Tarissa Suchecki
Overall Dance - Kenzie Thoen
Overall Drama - Kiarra Anderson
Overall Voice - Kaleigh Loughridge
Overall Art - Tammy O'Neill
Overall Video - Megan Hunt
Overall Writing - Breanna O'Neill
Overall Outfit of Choice - Ali Pristov & Reece Springs
Overall Tot Photogenic - Claire Sines
Overall Tot Portfolio - Lynzee Ensell
Toddler Supreme Queen - Lynzee Ensell
Toddler Queen - Reece Springs
Tot Supreme Queen - Claire Sines
Tot Queen - Ali Pristov
Little Miss Supreme Queen - Emma Moore
Little Miss Queen - Jordynn Jackson
Little Miss Princess - Tarissa Suchecki 
Pre-Teen Supreme Queen - Kaleigh Loughridge
Jr. Teen Supreme Queen - Breanna O'Neill
Jr. Teen Queen - Whitney Dyke
Teen Supreme Queen - Loren Schweiger
Teen Queen - Hima Katrapati
Miss Supreme Queen - Caitlin Springs
Ms. Supreme Queen - Beth Sines
Elegant Ms. Supreme Queen - Tammy O'Neill
Perfect Ms. Supreme Queen - Debara Tinnerello
National Cover Model - Kiarra Anderson
Jr. Miss Cover Model - Ali Pristov
Student Achievement Award - Kiarra Anderson
Adult Achievement Award - Debara Tinnerello
Vision Award - Debara Tinnerello

2014 Charity Pageant Royalty

2014 Stars & Stripes Charity Competition Results

Overall Patriotic Queen – Emma Moore
Overall Top Model - Cadie Matty
Overall Photogenic - Lynzee Ensell
Overall Talent - Heaven Farnesworth
Tiny Miss Queen - Nevaeh Moore-Butcher
Tot Miss Queens - Alison Hill & MiaSophia Roberts
Little Miss Queen - Olivia Hoffman
Pre-Teen Miss - Jordan Caple
Jr. Teen Miss - Stephanie Caple
Ms. Queen - Jessica Pol

2014 Fall Festival Competition Results

Overall Fall Festival Queen - Janae Kinne
Hi-Point Queens - Karinna Sayre, Kelsey Graman, Ria Bonnell, Megan Stier
Overall Jr. Miss Photogenic - Maira Scott
Overall Miss Photogenic - Kelsey Graman
Overall Jr. Miss Community Service - Lynzee Ensell
Overall Miss Community Service - Karinna Sayre
Tiny Miss Queen - Emily Martin & Kharyss Grady
Tot Miss - MiaSophia Roberts & Sophie Eustace
Little Miss - Maira Scott
Pre-Teen Miss - Lauren Williamson
Jr. Teen Miss - Morgan Mitchell & Sarah McKinney
Teen Miss - Mackenzie Boyd
Ms. - Sarah Downs
Ms. Classic - Shelly Genaro & Michelle Painter

2014 Winter Holiday Gala Competition Results

Overall Winter Holiday Queen – Michelle Thayer
Overall Hi-Point Queens - Madison Yuzwa, Jessica Pol, Emily Buerk, Rosa Grippa
Overall Supermodel - Emily Buerk
Overall Photogenic - Halle Howard
Overall Community Service - Arilynn Brown
Baby Queen - Madison Mcleod
Tiny Miss - Dominica Williams
Tot Miss - Madalynn Thayer & Skyleigh Carter
Little Miss - Gwyneth Blair
Pre-Teen Miss - Gabrielle Mathis
Jr. Teen Miss - Olivia Stallard
Teen Miss - Jealynn Holtz
Ms. - Michelle Meyer

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