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National Competition: This is an open competition, you do not have to compete in a prior event in order to compete. All contestants living in the United States are eligible to compete. Your age division is determined by your age on the day of the event. The director reserves the right to move a contestant up or down one age division to accommodate a contestant's individual circumstances. Each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis at the director's discretion. The director reserves the right to combine age divisions if there is only one contestant registered in an age division.

All StarJewel competitions are open to everyone. Each event is considered a stand alone event and is not contingent on the next event nor do you have to advance to a state or national event. There are no requirements to maintain and hold a title with StarJewel. You may have as many titles as you like, we do not have a no-compete clause. All top title holders (including our National Gemstone Queens) are allowed to re-compete at the next event or the next nationals. 

Baby, Tiny, and Tot age divisions are not allowed to wear makeup. Contestants in our Little Miss age division are allowed minimal makeup consisting of lip gloss, light mascara, and pressed powder for shine only; some concealer is okay if needed. Older age divisions are allowed age appropriate makeup, but not overdone. We are a natural pageant, we want to see the natural you shine through. In general, contestants may not wear flippers, wiglets, wigs, or have fake unnatural tans. Minimal hair extensions are allowed in the Jr. Teen age divisions and above. Wigs are allowed for certain medical conditions and must be approved by the director. 

We are a family friendly competition, please only age appropriate outfits. Anything revealing or sexy is absolutely not allowed. No contestant can wear gowns or outfits with thigh-high slits, sexy cutouts, overly exposed midriffs showing too much skin, mini-skirts, or revealing cleavage. Strapless gowns are allowed only in the Pre-Teen and above divisions. Contestants in the Miss & Ms. divisions are allowed to have a modest slit in their gown. Two piece gowns are fine as long as they are modest and age appropriate.

Costumes used for modeling or talent optionals must be age appropriate and family friendly. Anything overtly vulgar or sexually explicit will not be allowed. 

Any makeup or outfit violation will result in an automatic point deduction. In extreme cases the Directors may choose to not allow the contestant to compete until the violation is corrected.

Contestants in all categories except for the Miss & Ms. divisions must be unmarried.

Bad sportsmanship and gossip will not be tolerated and are cause for disqualification. We take this very seriously and have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior of any kind. Any contestant that is disqualified for this reason will be banned from competition for a period of one year, a second incident will result in permanently being banned from competition.

All deposits and fees are non-refundable under all circumstances.

However, on a case-by-case basis we will consider allowing a contestant to transfer their fees to a future competition if they present a valid reason.



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