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2020 National Competition Results


Queen of Queens - Megan Booher

Ultimate Grand Diamond Supreme Queen – Samantha Smiley
Grand Sapphire Supreme – Erica Ly
Ruby Supreme – Lynzee Ensell
Emerald Supreme – Tammy Harrison
Amethyst Supreme – Taylor Palmer

King Supreme - Hunter Bada


Beauty Supreme (ages 13+) - China Stockbarger

Beauty Supreme (ages 0-12) - KhyLiah Moorer

Personality Supreme (ages 13+) - Julissa Clarke

Personality Supreme (ages 0-12) - Cora Mae Kniesley & Haileyanna Bada


OOC Supreme (ages 13+) - Ali Pristov

OOC Supreme (ages 0-12) - Cora Mae Kniesley

Model Supreme (ages 13+) - Samantha Smiley

Model Supreme (ages 0-12) - Haileyanna Bada

Photogenic Supreme (ages 13+) - Erica Ly

Photogenic Supreme (ages 0-12) - Cora Mae Kniesley

Talent Supreme (ages 13+) - Erica Ly

Talent Supreme (ages 0-12) - Lynzee Ensell 

Cover Girl - Erica Ly

Adult Achievement Winner - Tammy Harrison

Student Achievement Winner - Alexa Loy

Community Service - China Stockbarger

Tiny Miss Supreme – Renesmae Hunt


Tot Miss Supreme – Rorie Smith

Tot Miss Queen – Mackenzie Rita

Little Miss Supreme – Kenlee Vansteenkiste

Little Miss Queen - Marissalenee Bada

Pre-Teen Supreme Queen – Alexa Loy

Jr. Teen Supreme Queen – Cheyenne Christner

Jr. Teen Queen – Ali Pristov

Teen Supreme Queen – Nevaeh Purdin

Miss Supreme Queen – Ayasmimea Bada

Miss Queen – Megan Booher

Ms Supreme Queen – Tiffany Dorgan

Mega Stars - PaisleyRae Bada, Brooklyn Spicer, Shailynn Meadows, Hadley Brown, Adalynn Anthony, Skyler Pine, Meranda Roe

Overall Writing - Cheynne Christner

Overall Voice - PaisleyRae Bada

Overall Dance - Lynzee Ensell 

Overall Variety - Lynzee Ensell

Overall Art - Erica Ly

2020 Fall Festival Wisconsin Results


Ultimate Grand Supreme - Lilyana Zanesco

Grand Supreme - Katelyn Clark

Autumn Supreme - Analena Peterson

King Supreme - Charles Bradley


Beauty Supreme - Anasia Rhodes & Mariah Bader

Mini Beauty Supreme - Brinley Klien

Personality Supreme - Angenique Hayes

Mini Personality Supreme - Naomi Ochs

Spokesmodel Supreme - Anasia Rhodes

Mini Spokesmodel Supreme - Lilyana Zanesco

Model Supreme - Analena Peterson

Mini Model Supreme - Lilyana Zanesco

Photogenic Supreme - Analena Peterson

Mini Photogenic Supreme - Lilyana Zanesco

Talent Supreme - Angenique Hayes

Mini Talent Supreme - Brinley Klien


Cover Girl - Lilyana Zanesco


Tiny Miss Supreme Queen - Alice Bradley

Tot Miss Supreme Queen - Mila Jones

Pre-Teen Miss Supreme Queen - Asia Jones 

Divisional Spokesmodel - Katelyn Clark, Naomi Ochs, Analena Peterson, Mariah Bader

Divisional Casual Wear - Katelyn Clark, Naomi Ochs, Anasia Rhodes

Divisional Runway - Mila Jones, Brinley Klien, Naomi Ochs, Analena Peterson, Angenique Haynes

Divisional Photogenic - Charles Bradley, Alice Bradley, Katelyn Clark, Naomi Ochs, Analena Peterson, Mariah Bader, Angenique Hayes

Divisional Print Model - Alice Bradley, Mila Jones, Brinley Klien, Naomi Ochs, Analena Peterson, Angenique Haynes

2020 Fall Festival Ohio Results


Ultimate Grand Supreme - Abigail Doran

Grand Supreme - Haileyanna Bada

Autumn Supreme - Kristie Fox

Beauty Supreme - Glenda Rubel

Mini Beauty Supreme - Makenna Sams

Personality Supreme - Isabella Griffiths

Mini Personality Supreme - Elianna White

Spokesmodel Supreme - Elizabeth Cordial

Mini Spokesmodel Supreme - Adalynn Anthony

Model Supreme - Abigail Doran

Mini Model Supreme - Haileyanna Bada

Photogenic Supreme - Abigail Doran

Mini Photogenic Supreme - Adalynn Anthony

Talent Supreme - Yan Coppler

Mini Talent Supreme - Eliana White

Outfit of Choice Supreme - Ayasmimea Bada

Mini Outfit of Choice Supreme - Olivia Laudick

Cover Girl - Kristie Fox


Baby Miss Supreme Queen - Aaliyah Ayers

Tiny Miss Supreme Queen - Lucia Pham

Tot Miss Supreme Queen - Olivia Laudick 

Little Miss Supreme Queen - Adalynn Anthony 

Pre-Teen Miss Supreme Queen - Riley Runyon 

Jr. Teen Miss Supreme Queen - Gabby Mammolenti

Teen Miss Supreme Queen - Skyler Frederick

Miss Supreme Queen - Megan Booher 

Ms. Supreme Queen - Ayasmimea Bada

Elegant Ms. Supreme Queen - Yan Coppler 

Tiny Miss Queen - Lucille Booth

Tot Miss Queen - Addelyn Booth

Little Miss Queen - Airis Carter 

Pre-Teen Miss Queen - Pamela Daniels

Jr. Teen Miss Queen - ShiAnne Kaplan

Miss Queen - Morgan Shank

Ms. Queen - Leanne Anthony

Elegant Ms. Queen - Amber Whitt

Mega Stars - Aria Laudick, Renesmae Hunt, Larkin Dean, Bella Brock, Kaydence Cordial, Isabel Xique, Marissa Ibarra, Heather Rider, Elizabeth Cordial 

Divisional Spokesmodel - Olivia Laudick, Airis Carter, Riley Runyon, ShiAnne Kaplan, Megan Booher

Divisional Casual Wear - Aaliyah Ayers, Aria Laudick, Olivia Laudick, Adalynn Anthony, Isabel Xique, Gabby Mammolenti, Skyler Frederick, Morgan Shank, Kristie Fox, Glenda Rubel

Divisional Runway - Aaliyah Ayers, Aria Laudick, Larkin Dean, Adalynn Anthony, Isabel Xique, Gabby Mammolenti, Megan Booher, Ayasmimea Bada, Glenda Rubel

Divisional Outfit of Choice - Aaliyah Ayers, Aria Laudick Makenna Sams, Gabby Mammolenti, Yan Coppler

Divisional Photogenic - Aaliyah Ayers, Lucia Pham, Eliana White, Airis Carter, Kaydence Cordial, Gabby Mammolenti, Skyler Frederick, Morgan Shank, Kristie Fox

Divisional Print Model - Aaliyah Ayers, Lucille Booth, Larkin Dean, Kaydence Cordial, Isabella Griffiths, Abigail Doran, Kristie Fox

Divisional Talent - Aria Laudick, Addelynn Booth 

2020 Winter Gala Ohio Results


Ultimate Grand Supreme - Payton Baxter

Grand Supreme - Holly Sealover

Winter Supreme - Sophia Rose

Supreme King - Hunter Bada

Beauty Supreme - Kaiya Bundy

Mini Beauty Supreme - Gloria Zaboura

Personality Supreme - Lauren Sams

Mini Personality Supreme - Kloie Schaefer

Spokesmodel Supreme - Kylie Schaefer

Mini Spokesmodel Supreme - Kloie Schaefer

Model Supreme - Haley Poe

Mini Model Supreme - Sadie Thomas

Photogenic Supreme - Haley Poe

Mini Photogenic Supreme - Makenna Sams

Talent Supreme - Sophia Rose

Mini Talent Supreme - Addyson Thomas

Cover Girl - Holly Sealover

Tiny Miss Supreme Queen - Sadie Thomas

Tot Miss Supreme Queen - Kaylee Conaway

Little Miss Supreme Queen - Makenna Sams

Pre-Teen Miss Supreme Queen - Haileyanna Bada

Jr. Teen Miss Supreme Queen - Isabella Griffiths

Teen Miss Supreme Queen - Erin Quigg

Miss Supreme Queen - Megan Booher

Ms. Supreme Queen - Ayasmimea Bada

Tot Miss Queen - PaisleyRae Bada

Little Miss Queen - Peyton Kerns

Pre-Teen Miss Queen - Aubrey Judd

Jr. Teen Miss Queen - Kylie Schaefer

Teen Miss Queen - Taylor Palmer

Miss Queen - China Stockbarger

Ms. Queen - Amanda Sams

Mega Stars - Elizabeth Cordial, Haley Poe, Allee Snyder, Addyson Thomas, Marissalenne Bada

Shining Stars - Hunter Lee, Carlee Snyder, Kaydence Cordial

Divisional Introduction - Kaylee Conaway, Gloria Zaboura, Lauren Sams, Sophia Rose, Payton Baxter, Elizabeth Cordial

Divisional Casual Wear - Kaylee Conaway, Makenna Sams, Aubrey Judd, Lauren Sams, Sophia Rose, Payton Baxter, Ayasmimea Bada

Divisional Runway - Kaylee Conaway, Peyton Kerns, Gloria Zaboura, Isabella Griffiths, Holly Sealover, China Stockbarger, Amanda Sams

Divisional Photogenic - Sadie Thomas, Kaylee Conaway, Peyton Kerns, Gloria Zaboura, Isabella Griffiths, Sophia Rose, Payton Baxter, Amanda Sams

Divisional Print Model - Kaylee Conaway, Makenna Sams, Gloria Zaboura, Isabella Griffiths, Hunter Lee, Amanda Sams

Divisional Talent - Hunter Bada, Marissalenne Bada, Addyson Thomas

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