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2017 National Competition Results

Diamond Queen – May Coppler
Sapphire Supreme – Jasmine Jones
Ruby Supreme – Macie Bazella
Emerald Supreme – Haleigh Diltz
Amethyst Supreme – Ciara Timmerman
Topaz Supreme – Autumn Weick

Overall Top Model – Jasmine Jones
Overall Photogenic – Breannah Sweeney
Overall Talent – May Coppler
Overall Writing – Morgan Shank
Overall Video – Beverly Berger
Overall Art – Autumne Weick
Overall Voice – May Coppler
Overall Music – Abby Walker
Overall Drama – Haleigh Diltz
Overall Dance – Autumne Weick
Overall Cover Model – Isabella Gardner

Student Achievement – Lilian Meienburg
Adult Achievement – Michaela Brickner

Tot Miss Supreme – Azarea Wright-McNair
Tot Miss Queen – Valerie Boone
Little Miss Supreme – Breannah Sweeney
Little Miss Queen – Isabella Gardner
Pre-Teen Miss Supreme – Brianna Huff
Pre-Teen Queen – Tatyana DeDecker
Jr. Teen Miss Supreme – May Coppler
Jr. Teen Miss Queen – Lilian Meienburg
Teen Miss Supreme – Abby Walker
Miss Supreme – Morgan Shank
Miss Queen – Michaela Brickner
Elegant Ms. Supreme – Beverly Berger
Elegant Ms. Queen – Carolyn Alexander

Directors Choice – Marisa Tumino
Vision Award – Eula Mitchell

2017 Charity Pageant Results


Fall Festival

Grand Supreme: Yan Coppler 

Personality Supreme: Rachel Castle

Beauty Supreme: Isabel Ruiz-Flint

Autumn Supreme: McKenzie Mulinex

Model Supreme: Gabriella Mammolenti

Talent Supreme: Amber Burgess

Photogenic Supreme: Jocelyn Smith

OOC Supreme: Keelyn Body

Community Service Overall: Lynn Christopherson 

Baby Supreme: Lucia Pham

Tiny Supreme: Nahla Stewart

Tot Supreme: Elyse Hofer

Little Queen: Aubrey Judd

Little Supreme: Saydee Hofer

Elegant Ms. Supreme: Lynn Christopherson

Top Model High Scores: Isabel Ruiz-Flint, McKenzie Mulinex, Gabriella Mammolenti

Talent High Scores: Amber Burgess, Yan Coppler, Lynn Chirstopherson

Photogenic High Scores: Gabriella Mammolenti, Rachel Castle Jocelyn Smith

OOC High Scores: Keelyn Body, McKenzie Mulinex, Rachel Castle

Winter Gala

Grand Supreme: Cadence Taylor

Personality Supreme: Ashley Neal 

Winter Supreme: Aubrey Judd

Model Supreme: Mary Ann Jaeger 

Talent Supreme: Jade Frost

Photogenic Supreme: Evelyn Reynolds

OOC Supreme: Meghan Wallace

Community Service Overall: Lynn Christopherson 

Baby Supreme: Paisley Kimble

Baby Queen: Ariah Devore 

Tiny Supreme: Kinsley Jarvis

Tiny Queen: Keelyn Body 

Little Supreme: Olivia Holtz

Pre-Teen Supreme: Charity Shaw

Teen Supreme: Abigail Turner

Miss Supreme: Michaela Bricker

Miss Queen: Morgan Shank

Ms. Supreme: Avelina Dubois 

Elegant Ms. Supreme: Lynn Christopherson


Top Model High Scores: Cadence Taylor, Aubrey Judd, Mary Ann Jaeger

Talent High Scores: Ashley Neal, Jade Frost, Cadence Taylor

Photogenic High Scores: Evelyn Reynolds, Jocelyn Smith, Aubrey Judd

OOC High Scores: Meghan Wallace, Cadence Taylor, Paisley Kimble 

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