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2019 National Competition Results


Queen of Queens - Felicity Thiel 

Ultimate Grand Diamond Supreme Queen – Brooke Bowling
Grand Sapphire Supreme – Lynzee Ensell
Ruby Supreme – Felicity Thiel 
Emerald Supreme – Pamala Foster
Amethyst Supreme – Kristine Hockenberry

Topaz Supreme - Tammy Harrison


Beauty Supreme - Valerie Duffey

Mini Beauty Supreme - Mackenzie Rita

Personality Supreme - Constance Greenlee

Mini Personality Supreme - Tanijah Waldon


OOC Supreme - Kristine Hockenberry

Mini OOC Supreme - Felicity Thiel 

Model Supreme - Kristine Hockenberry

Mini Model Supreme - Mackenzie Rita

Photogenic Supreme - Tammy Harrison

Mini Photogenic Supreme - Lynzee Ensell 

Talent Supreme - Pamala Foster

Mini Talent Supreme - Lynzee Ensell 

Cover Girl - Felicity Thiel 

Adult Achievement Winner - Tammy Harrison

Student Achievement Winner - Valerie Duffey

Community Service - Kristine Hockenberry

Tiny Miss Supreme – Rosalie Losey
Little Miss Supreme – Adalynn Anthony

Little Miss Queen - Sydney Neat
Pre-Teen Supreme Queen – Cheyenne Christner

Mega Stars - Kree Kellner, Amelia Patton

Director's Choice - Sydney Neat 

Overall Writing - Cheynne Christner

Overall Video - Tanijah Waldon

Overall Voice - Brooke Bowling 

Overall Dance - Lynzee Ensell 

Overall Variety - Lynzee Ensell

Overall Interview - Brooke Bowling 

2019 Pageant Results


Mini Nationals

Mega Ultimate Supreme - Meg Nicholas

Mega Grand Supreme - Felicity Thiel

Ultimate Supreme - Felicity Thiel

Majestic Supreme - Kendall Ruck

Grand Supreme - Meg Nicholas

Mini Beauty Supreme - Avery Odtohan

Beauty Supreme - Karlee Smith        

Mini Personality Supreme - Alizabeth Farrow

Personality Supreme - Tammy Harrison

Mini OOC Supreme - Kendall Ruck

OOC Supreme - Erica Snyder

Mini Model Supreme - Alizabeth Farrow

Model Supreme - Meg Nicholas

Mini Photogenic Supreme - Kendall Ruck

Photogenic Supreme - Holly Sealover

Divisional Supreme Queens - Tanijah Waldon, Evelyn Reynolds, Sydney Neat, Kenlee Vansteenkiste, Kristine Hockenberry, Nevaeh Purdin, Holly Sealover, Erica Snyder

Divisional Queens - Adalynn Anthony, Aurora Steiner, Angelina Alfaro, Anna Beth Falcon 


Fall Festival Michigan 

Ultimate Grand Supreme - Krystina Agliata

Grand Supreme - Samantha Smiley

Autumn Supreme - Dalyssia David


Beauty Supreme - Laura Mae Close 

Mini Beauty Supreme - Autumne Weick

Personality Supreme - Emily Revoir

Mini Personality Supreme - Amethyst Collins 

Spokesmodel Supreme - Samantha Smiley, Krystina Agliata

Mini Spokesmodel Supreme - Autumne Weick

Model Supreme - Krystina Agliata 

Mini Model Supreme - Autumne Weick

Photogenic Supreme - Samantha Smiley

Mini Photogenic Supreme - Dalyssia David

Talent Supreme - Emily Revoir

Mini Talent Supreme - Autumne Weick 


Cover Girl - Dalyssia David 


Elegant Ms. Supreme - Pamala Foster  

Divisional Spokesmodel - Autumne Weick, Samantha Smiley, Krystina Agliata, Pam Foster

Divisional Casual Wear - Autumne Weick, Samantha Smiley, Laura Mae Close, Krystina Agliata

Divisional Runway - Amethyst Collins, Autumne Weick, Samantha Smiley, Laura Mae Close, Krystina Agliata, Pam Foster

Divisional Photogenic - Dalyssia David, Ameythst Collins, Autumn Weick, Samantha Smiley, Laura Mae Close 

Fall Festival Ohio 

Ultimate Grand Supreme - Erica Ly 

Grand Supreme - Yan Coppler

Autumn Supreme - Cora Mae Kniesley

Beauty Supreme - Megan Booher

Mini Beauty Supreme - Olivia Laudick 

Personality Supreme - Michaela Brickner

Mini Personality Supreme - Aubrey Judd

Spokesmodel Supreme - Erica Ly

Mini Spokesmodel Supreme - Cora Mae Kniesley

Model Supreme - Erica Ly 

Mini Model Supreme - Cora Mae Kniesley

OOC Supreme - Angelina Alfaro

Mini OOC Supreme - Olivia Laudick

Photogenic Supreme - Erica Ly 

Mini Photogenic Supreme - Aubrey Judd

Talent Supreme - Yan Coppler

Mini Talent Supreme - Tessa Pagone

Cover Girl - Kaylee Conaway


Tiny Miss Supreme - Kaylee Conaway 

Little Miss Supreme - Jaelyn Foerster

Little Miss Queen - Jade Walker

Pre-Teen Miss Supreme - Tessa Pagone

Pre-Teen Miss Queen - Paula Romero

Jr. Teen Miss Supreme - Morgan Moss

Jr. Teen Queen - Angelina Alfaro

Teen Supreme - Krista Combs 

Miss Supreme - Bree Lengacher

Mega Stars - Micah Moss, Ali Pristov, Madison Coen


Divisional Spokesmodel - Kaylee Conaway, Cora Mae Kniesley, Aubrey Judd, Morgan Moss, Erica Ly, Megan Booher

Divisional Casual Wear - Kaylee Conaway, Cora Mae Kniesley, Paula Romero, Angelina Alfaro, Erica Ly, Megan Booher

Divisional Runway - Olivia Laudick, Cora Mae Kniesley, Aubrey Judd, Morgan Moss, Erica Ly, Megan Booher, Yan Coppler

Divisional OOC - Olivia Laudick, Jade Walker, Ali Pristov, Angelina Alfaro

Divisional Photogenic - Kaylee Conaway, Jaelyn Foerster, Aubrey Judd, Morgan Moss, Erica Ly, Megan Booher

Divisional Print Model - Kaylee Conaway, Jade Walker, Aubrey Judd, Morgan Moss, Erica Ly, Michaela Brickner

Divisional Talent - Olivia Laudick, Jaelyn Foerster, Tessa Pagone, Morgan Moss, Bree Lengacher, Yan Coppler

Winter Gala 

Ultimate Grand Supreme - Hailey Spikes

Grand Supreme - Ciara Timmerman

Winter Supreme - Jessica Eubank

King Supreme - Amari Walker

Divisional King - Masen Coverdale

Beauty Supreme - Kristina Lee

Mini Beauty Supreme - Hailayanna Bada

Personality Supreme - Stephanie Caple

Mini Personality Supreme - Jaime Prater

Community Service - Olivia Holtz

Spokesmodel Supreme - Stephanie Winquist

Mini Spokesmodel Supreme - Jaime Prater

Model Supreme - Hailey Spikes

Mini Model Supreme - Amari Walker

Photogenic Supreme - Ciara Timmerman

Mini Photogenic Supreme - Shailynn Meadows

Talent Supreme - Hailey Spikes

Mini Talent Supreme - Carolyn Stratman

Cover Girl - Addelynn Booth


Tiny Miss Supreme - Makenzie Coverdale

Tiny Miss Queen - Addelynn Booth

Little Miss Supreme - Shailynn Meadows

Little Miss Queen - Jade Walker

Pre-Teen Miss Supreme - Olivia Holtz

Pre-Teen Miss Queen - Carolyn Stratman & Micah Moss 

Ms. Supreme - Stephanie Winquist

Ms. Queen - Danielle Poling

Elegant Ms. Supreme - Carolyn Alexander

Divisional Spokesmodel - Amari Walker, Jade Walker, Jaime Prater, Kristina Lee, Stephanie Winquist, Carolyn Stratman

Divisional Casual Wear - Masen Coverdale, Makenzie Coverdale, Jade Walker, Jaime Prater, Hailey Spikes, Ciara Timmerman, Danielle Poling, Carolyn Alexander

Divisional Runway - Makenzie Coverdale, Amari Walker, Shailynn Meadows, Olivia Holtz, Hailey Spikes

Divisional Photogenic - Addelynn Booth, Amari Walker, Shailynn Meadows, Olivia Holtz, Hailey Spikes, Ciara Timmerman, Carolyn Alexander

Divisional Print Model - Masen Coverdale, Addelynn Booth, Amari Walker, Shailynn Meadows, Carolyn Stratman, Jessica Eubank

Divisional Talent - Jade Walker, Carolyn Stratman, Hailey Spikes, Stephanie Winquist

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