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Performing Arts Categories:

You may use props that you can carry on and off stage by yourself. Three minute time limit for each performance. If using your own music, please provide a copy of your music on a flash drive and turn in during registration. We can no longer accept music on a CD or on your smart phone. All costumes should be age appropriate and should not outshine the contestant. Remember we are a family friendly event, revealing outfits are not acceptable. If you have any questions about your talent costume, please send an email with a picture to

Can include competitive cheerleading routines, gymnastics, ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary; anything with tasteful choreographed movement.

Can include magic acts, scenes from plays or movies, commercials, comedy skits; anything involving acting skills, just be creative and family friendly.

Can include any instrument that can be carried on and off stage by performer. If contestant plays drums, piano, or any other instrument that requires prior set up please contact director for special arrangements.

Any type of song is allowed, including rap. However, lyrics must be family friendly. Singing while playing guitar or piano is allowed, please contact director for special arrangements.

All categories above must be performed live to enter.

Visual Arts Categories: 

All visual art works must be submitted a minimum of one week before the awards ceremony for judging, unless specific arrangements have been made with the Director.

Including line drawings, illustrations, paintings, graphic arts, sculpting, and photography.

Any type of video or film that can be uploaded to youtube is acceptable; including a compilation of stills, animation, live performances, etc. Most genres will be allowed including horror, classic fantasy, science fiction, romance, etc. Must adhere to the three minute time limit and must be family friendly. 

All forms of poetry, short stories, novellas, novels, essays, articles, etc. will be accepted. Submit a sample of your writing, no more than 500 words per entry. If submitting poetry, a compilation of poems will be considered one entry up to 500 words. Submissions must be family friendly.

Please note: Anything overtly vulgar or sexually explicit will not be accepted for entry. If you have any questions about the acceptance of your entry, please send an email to

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